Open Access Titles Added to Atla in April

On April 27, 2001, Atla announced the addition of three new full-text, open-access journals:

  • Al-Fikr al-islāmī al-muʿāṣir [Contemporary Islamic Thought] by International Institute of Islamic Thought
    As stated by the IIIT, the aim of this publication is to: “(1) Facilitate methodological reform in Muslim thought by introducing and developing the concept and practice of ijtihad (creative intellectual reasoning on the basis of Islam’s principle sources) as a decision-making tool for the betterment of life in general; (2) Promote awareness, research, and education in Muslim societies; and (3) Formulate critical academic methodologies, tools, and policies which respond to the ongoing breakthroughs in human knowledge as a whole and which support and drive the revision and investment of Islamic knowledge.”
  • Detroit Baptist Seminary Journal by Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary
    This primary publication of the DBTS seeks to address an array of theological, exegetical, and missional concerns facing the 21st-century church and its leaders. Offerings are intended to be of interest to prospective students, seminarians, pastors, missionaries and scholars.
  • International Journal of Cultic Studies by International Cultic Studies Association
    This publication seeks to advance the understanding of cultic phenomena in their relationship to individuals, families, and society, notably in their psychological, social, legal, educational, religious, and cultural dimensions.

To see a complete list of all of the new additions to the Atla suite of research finding aids, visit the Atla blog post for April 27, 2021.

Published by Burton Callicott

I am the Public Services Librarian at the Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Not surprisingly, I love reading and writing. I have an interest in Open Access and hope to see this idea take root and flourish.

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