Open Access Additions to ATLA – March

ATLA — the American Theological Library Association — just announced additions to the Atla Religion Database including two new full text journals:

  • The Biblical Annals from the Institute of Biblical Studies, Faculty of Theology, John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Poland.
    + Overarching aim is to present the research of Polish scholars focusing on problems and methodologies current in contemporary biblical studies, with articles published in Polish, English, Italian, French, and German.
  • Journal of Religion & Society from Creighton University Center for the Study
    + Covers the social, rather than theological aspects of religion, with a particular focus on Western religious traditions in a Western and American geographical context.

These, and the additional titles that are now indexed in Atla Religion database, are open access meaning that some, if not all articles published by these titles, are available to anyone with access to the internet. [See SPARC (Scholarly Publishing and Academic Coalition) for an authoritative and thorough definition of Open Access] On the one hand, this is an easy add for ATLA, as the content is free. On the other hand, this is a win for Open Access publications that can languish due to a lack of exposure to those not immediately involved. In addition to more eyes on content, being indexed in ATLA lends credibility for open access journals that face a slowly diminishing but lingering sense that they are less scholarly or have lower standards.

For a complete run down of all of the new additions for March, please see the Atla Additions Blog post.

Published by Burton Callicott

I am the Public Services Librarian at the Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Not surprisingly, I love reading and writing. I have an interest in Open Access and hope to see this idea take root and flourish.

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